33 Freshers Jobs in MIB Government of India


The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting of the Government of India has released guidelines and procedures for engaging Young Professionals at various regional offices of the Press Information Bureau (PIB). Here are the key points from the job notification:

  1. Purpose and Scope: Young Professionals are expected to contribute their expertise to the Government of India by assisting in fulfilling publicity requirements and generating awareness among the public through various media platforms.
  2. Contractual Terms and Conditions: Young Professionals will be hired on a short-term contract basis and won’t be considered official staff members. They are expected to follow specific standards of conduct, including not seeking instructions externally, avoiding conflicts of interest, and complying with relevant laws.
  3. Title Rights, Copyrights, Patents: The Ministry will retain title rights to equipment provided, and all intellectual property rights for work created by Young Professionals during their contract. Documents created during the contract shall be treated as confidential.
  4. Confidential Nature of Information: Young Professionals will be subject to the Indian Official Secrets Act, 1923, and must not disclose confidential information without authorization.
  5. Termination: The Ministry reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time, with or without notice, and the Young Professional can also seek termination with one month’s notice.
  6. Audits and Investigations: Invoices and work may be subject to post-payment audits and investigations by the Ministry, even after the contract ends.
  7. Settlement of Disputes: The Ministry and the Young Professional will attempt to settle disputes amicably, but if necessary, disputes may be referred to arbitration.
  8. Educational Qualification and Experience: Young Professionals should hold a Master’s Degree/Diploma in relevant fields such as Journalism, Mass Communication, etc., and have a minimum of two years of work experience.
  9. Selection Process: Selection will follow government procurement guidelines, which may include a written test and an interaction with an Expert Committee.
  10. Payment: Remuneration will be released monthly based on biometric attendance or certification by a competent authority.
  11. Leave: Young Professionals are entitled to 18 days of leave per year, and maternity leave is available for women as per the Maternity Benefit Act.
  12. Tax Deduction at Source: Taxes will be deducted at source, and the Ministry will issue TDS certificates.
  13. Police Verification: Police verification will be conducted, and negative verification may lead to contract termination.
  14. Training: Induction training may be provided for Young Professionals.
  15. Relaxation: The Secretary (I&B) may relax rules under certain circumstances.

Interested candidates can apply by filling out a form provided in the notification.

Employment Notification 33 Freshers Jobs in MIB Government of India

Please note that the above summary provides an overview of the key points in the job notification. For detailed information and application procedures, candidates should refer to the full notification on the provided link.

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